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1. Pre-Requisites

  • Complete the ConsenSys onboarding process.

  • We recommend creating a separate Google Chrome profile for your MetaMask Institutional (MMI) wallet.

  • Make sure that you are not running any web3 wallets in your browser profile, including MetaMask Retail (Orange Fox).

2. Join the Qredo Network

  • Create your Qredo account by following this guide.

3. Create an Organization on Qredo

  • Create an Organization on Qredo by following this guide.
  • Once you have set up your Organization, contact support@qredo.com with the name of the organization, to get it activated for MMI.

4. Installing MetaMask Institutional

  • Install the MetaMask Institutional extension to your browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.
  • Pin the MMI extension (blue fox) to your browser.

5. Creating a Fund and a Connected Wallet

  • Create a Fund and set up your Wallet on Qredo by following this guide.

6. Connecting MMI to Qredo

  • Connect MetaMask Institutional to Qredo by following this guide. Keep in mind that any and all Organization members should always create a new account on MMI when connecting to Qredo
  • If you cannot see the Connections tab, check to see:
    • whether you are logged in as a Trader or Administrator; only these two roles can install MMI
    • whether your Organization is enabled for MMI (contact support@qredo.com if not)

7. Adding Custom RPC Networks

  • Add custom RPC networks to your account by following this guide.

8. Using Qredo and MetaMask Institutional on Uniswap

9. MetaMask Institutional Troubleshooting

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