Getting Ready to Connect MMI to Qredo

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*Bear in mind that you need to disable (not delete) the standard MetaMask extension (Orange Fox) before using MetaMask Institutional (Blue Fox).

Before you can use the Qredo-MMI integration, you need to go through ConsenSys’ onboarding and be approved. Once approved, ConsenSys will notify Qredo who can then enable your organization to use MMI wallets.

  1. To use MetaMask Institutional with Qredo’s Custody feature, you first need to create a Qredo accountHere’s how to do it. When creating your account, you’ll be asked to pair it with the Qredo Signing App and create a Master Seed.
  2. MetaMask Institutional is only available for Qredo Organization accounts. Create an Organization within your Qredo account by following these steps.
  3. Share the name of your Organization with your contact at Qredo or get in touch with Qredo Support. Once we have this, we will activate your Organization for MMI access.

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