Why do I need to provide biometrics and PIN twice when authorizing?

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When making Signing App authorizations (sign-in, transactions, etc.) on Qredo, you’re asked to provide the biometrics and PIN (your Qredo Identity) on your paired phone, as a part of the 3FA (three-factor authentication). You’ll note that, once you’ve provided, the required security information, your mobile device is asking for your biometrics and PIN again.

  • The first time you authenticate using your biometrics and PIN is actually a security measure for accessing your Qredo Identity on your Signing App. This means that Qredo does not rely on your device’s security, but provides another layer of its own.
  • Once you’ve confirmed your Qredo Identity in the Signing App, you’ll be able to see the authorization request that was prompted from the desktop. This is where you can authorize your request using your Qredo Identity.

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