Why do I need to pair with the mobile Signing App?

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Unlike account creation procedures relevant to most organizations, establishing your Qredo Identity involves using the Qredo desktop web app and Qredo’s mobile Signing App in tandem.

With Qredo, each time you want to sign in after creating your account, you will need to enter your credentials, and then approve the sign-in request using the Qredo Signing App on your mobile device.

This adds a very strong layer of security, the 3FA (three-factor authentication), called your Qredo Identity:

  • Factor 1 (something I have): the phone in your hand, with the Qredo Signing App on it
  • Factor 2 (something I am): the biometrics required when approving the sign-in request
  • Factor 3 (something I know): the PIN number required when approving the sign-in request

It’s important to note that this information doesn’t authenticate the user with the blockchain, but only with the Signing App. The Qredo Signing App is the “front door” security measure on Qredo.

Instead of relying on 2FA (two-factor authentication, usually browser + phone/email) like many organizations, Qredo provides the user with an app that is a 3FA solution, in itself.

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