Connecting MetaMask Institutional to Qredo

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MMI_EMAIL_HEADER1.pngAfter you've made all the necessary arrangements to set up and get ready to connect MetaMask Institutional to Qredo, you can start the connection process.

  1. Go to the profile icon on Qredo and select your Organization account.

  2. Under the profile icon, select Settings next to your Organization’s name and navigate to the Connections tab. If you cannot see the Connections tab, check to see:

    • whether you are logged in as a Trader or Administrator; only these two roles can install MMI
    • whether your Organization is enabled for MMI (contact if not) 
  3. Select Install MMI and you’ll be taken to the MetaMask Institutional browser extension page, where you can install the extension. (It is advisable to pin the extension in your browser by clicking the jigsaw piece) (It is critical not to have MetaMask Orange - Retail and MetaMask Blue - Institutional enabled at the same time. You must disable (not delete) MetaMask Orange - Retail PRIOR to installing MMI. Should you wish to simultaneously use MetaMask Orange and MetaMask Blue, we recommend installing them on different browsers or using separate Google Chrome Profiles).

  4. Go back to the Connections tab and select Connect to MMI. The MMI extension window should appear, allowing you to connect any Qredo MMI wallet to the MMI extension, as long as you have the Trader role for the said wallet.
  5. You will be asked to create a new account using the MMI extension. This will create a default address called "Account 1" that is redundant and should not be used (not governed by Qredo's decentralized MPC). You don't need to save the secret phrase for this account as far as Qredo is concerned. This refers to any Organization member connecting their Qredo account to MMI.
  6. Once you're done setting up the default account, select All Done, and MMI will automatically detect your Organization and Fund names that you've previously created.Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_1.08.42_PM.png
  7. Select the Qredo Connected Wallet you want to connect to MMI and select Connect.
    • Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_1.09.08_PM.png
  8. Once you've set everything up, the MMI extension will automatically select the Account 1 default account, that you shouldn't use for this integration. In your MMI extension, click the account icon and select the Connected Wallet that you've just connected to MMI.

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