Adding Custom RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Networks

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In addition to our Supported RPC networks, you can now add Custom RPC networks, as well.

As one of the “custodians and custody technology providers”, Qredo now features an option of adding custom RPC networks, much like the user is able to in their original MetaMask wallet.

Qredo only supports one custom RPC network per Chain ID. Therefore, you can't add multiple custom RPC endpoints in Qredo for the same Chain ID.


Important: Only users with admin rights can add and remove custom RPC networks.

We strongly recommend adding RPC networks to your Qredo Organization first, and then on MMI (as outlined in the following steps). Otherwise, you may encounter errors.

If you experience any issues, lock and unlock your MMI extension and try again.

  1. First, open your Qredo Organization Account, navigate to the upper-right corner of your account screen, and select “Settings”, next to your Organization’s name.
  2. Navigate to the “Connections” tab, and select “Add”, next to “Custom RPC Networks”.
  3. Fill out the form and select “Save”.
  4. Finally, follow this MMI guide to add custom RPC networks using the MMI extension.

To view and edit the RPC networks that you’ve already added to your Organization, select “View”, in the “Connections” tab and click the edit symbol (pencil) next to the network you want to change. Then, make your edits and select “Save Changes”.
This feature can also be used with other types of connected wallets, such as Wallet Connect.

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