Initiating and Approving Transactions

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Qredo Wallet allows MetaMask Institutional users to ensure that each transaction is approved by appointed Approvers. This doesn’t affect the way MetaMask Institutional transactions are initiated.

Once you’ve initiated the transaction, you should see a screen with MetaMask Institutional and Qredo icons. This means that the transaction needs to be approved using the Qredo Signing App (mobile app installed for signing up to Qredo).

  1. Take a look at the iOS/Android device used for signing up to Qredo, and you and your Approvers should see a notification from the Signing App.
  2. Enter your Qredo PIN and use your device’s biometrics to Approve and Confirm. You’ll be asked to do this twice.
  3. Once the Threshold (set during Fund creation) is met, the transaction will go through. Use the Qredo Wallet (web app) to check the status of your transaction.

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