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Permanently deleted user
We can get you back up and running if you are locked out of your account or have lost your mobile phone. Keep in mind that having your seed recovery phrase is extremely important here. We might not be able to help you if you’ve lost your seed recovery phrase.

Forgot your password?

Simply request a new password from the login page. You’ll need the Qredo Signing App to authorize any changes to your account.

Lost or stolen Phone?

Don’t panic. Once you have a replacement phone you can use your seed recovery phase to install your master seed on the new device.

Transferring to a New Phone

If you have a new phone or the previous phone was lost/stolen, you can use your seed recovery phrase to recreate your master seed on the new device. Once your master seed has been recovered you can regain access to your account and continue to sign authorisations and approvals.
If you ever suspect your account has been compromised please contact our customer support.

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