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The Qredo Signing App (iOS/Android) is a multi-factor authentication tool that uniquely identifies you on the Qredo Network. It allows you to securely sign in to your Qredo account and approve transactions and changes to your account settings.
The multi-factor authentication consists of:
  • A 6-digit PIN that’s attached to your account
  • The device’s biometrics (fingerprint or face scanner)
  • The master seed protected on your devices secure enclave
The Qredo Signing App alerts you to actions requiring your review and approval using mobile notifications. These include:
  • Approve sign-ins to your Qredo Wallet
  • Changes to your account details e.g email or password
  • Adding counterparties to your trusted network
  • Whitelisting cryptocurrency addresses.
  • Authorising transactions e.g. withdrawals, transfer and swaps
  • Approving transactions as an Approver

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