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Qredo Swaps let you trade a cryptoasset with another member on the Qredo Network.

For example, you're looking to trade some Ethereum for Bitcoin. The Liquidity Hub allows you to find someone who's looking to sell Bitcoin for Ethereum.

Qredo Swaps allow you to trade cryptoassets across two different chains; in this case, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Qredo Swaps are almost instantaneous (once the Approvers from both parties have approved the transaction), require minimal fees, and are completely transparent.

Meanwhile, your cryptoassets stay on the Qredo Network and are kept secure on the Qredo blockchain.


Qredo Swaps provide these benefits:

  • Enhanced liquidity on your network - traders don't have to go outside Qredo to obtain the cryptoassets they need.
  • Minimized risk and delays as all parties have complete visibility of the atomic swap transaction.
  • No restrictions on who a user can trade with; as long as both counterparties are on the Qredo Network, Qredo Swaps are straightforward.

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