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One of the main benefits of using Qredo’s Organization Account option is being able to add users to it, who can have different permission options.
Note that adding roles to an organization member doesn’t immediately apply the role permissions to all funds within that organization. You can be a Fund Organizer within an Organization, but if you aren’t added to the fund, you don’t have any permissions over it. The Administrator is an exception here.
Additionally, when removing or editing roles, make sure that you do it at the Fund/wallet level; before removing the roles from an Organization. This ensures that all Fund/wallet approval policy thresholds can be met.


This is the role that the creator of an Organization Account receives automatically. The Administrator can add new organization members, assign them different roles, and even turn other members into Administrators. Added Administrators automatically become Fund Organizers and Traders of every Fund within the Organization. They’re also the only member type within an Organization that can create Funds.
Administrators can also change roles of other Administrators within an Organization. These changes are applied to all Funds within the Organization.
If an Administrator no longer wishes to have this role, they can change their role in the Organization’s Settings menu.

Fund Organizer

The Fund Organizer is in charge of managing funds within an organization. They cannot create Funds or approve transactions (transfers, atomic swaps, or withdrawals) within them. Other than that, they have full Fund control over the Funds they’re added to. They also can’t add/remove members and edit their roles.


An Approver within an Organization will have the option to approve or reject any action that is governed by a policy that they are part of. This mainly pertains to transactions (transfers, atomic swaps, or withdrawals), but also other actions.


Inside an Organization Account, a Trader can initiate transactions (transfers, atomic swaps, or withdrawals) and view the ledger, deposit addresses, and wallet shortcodes within Funds they are added to.
For a more comprehensive view of Qredo Members & Roles, check out the chart below.
Organization Administrator* Fund Organizer Approver Trader
Create Organization ✔️      
Add Organization Administrator/Member ✔️      
Edit Organization Administrator/Member Role ✔️      
Remove Organization Administrator/Member ✔️      
Create Fund ✔️      
Edit Fund   ✔️    
Add Member & Assign Responsibilities   ✔️    
Edit Existing Member Responsibilities   ✔️    
Remove Member   ✔️    
Add Asset / Wallet   ✔️    
View Deposit Addresses   ✔️   ✔️
View Wallet Shortcode   ✔️   ✔️
Initiate Transaction (Transfer / Atomic Swap)       ✔️
Initiate Withdrawal       ✔️
Approve Transaction (Transfer / Atomic Swap)     ✔️  
Approve Withdrawal     ✔️  
Add Withdrawal Address   ✔️    
Approve Withdrawal Address   ✔️    
View Transactions/Ledger   ✔️   ✔️

*Added Administrators automatically become Fund Organizers and Traders of every Fund within the Organization, which grants them Fund Organizer and Trader permissions, in addition.

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