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Before anything, go to your Qredo Signing App and see if you can view and check your seed phrase.

If you have lost access to your mobile device and your seed recovery phrase, you won't be able to recover it. The only option is to delete your account so that you can re-register.

If you can log in to your Qredo account, but have lost your seed recovery phrase, please withdraw any assets from the account.

To arrange for your account to be deleted, please send an email to from the same email address that's on the Qredo account you want deleting with the following:

SUBJECT: Delete Qredo account

BODY: Please delete the Qredo account belonging to the email address that I am writing this email from. I confirm that I have no assets in that account that I am not prepared to lose and that I am not the Approver for anyone else’s account that would prevent them from accessing their funds if my account is deleted.

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