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Release v1.2 introduces cross-chain atomic swaps to the Qredo Network with the support of Ether (ETH). You can now securely store and trade between Ether and Bitcoin currency pairs. Like other transactions in Qredo, the blockchain records the signatures for an atomic swap. With Ether support, this cryptoasset type enables deposits, transfers, and withdrawals in addition to atomic swaps.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances liquidity on your network as traders can obtain the assets they need.
  • Minimized risk and delays as all parties have complete visibility of the atomic swap transaction.
  • No restrictions on who you can trade with; they just need to be on the Qredo Network.

Other Features

  • Qredo Signing App for Android release
  • Qredo Signing App for iOS updated to support Ether and atomic swaps


The following v1.2 features are available today:

Backend Changes

  • Full support for Ether in the Qredo blockchain and the Qredo server.
  • Atomic swaps now supported on the Qredo blockchain and the Qredo server as a new transaction type.

Qredo Web App

  • Support for Ether in the interface
  • Atomic swap support.
    • Any user holding Ether can trade it for Bitcoin; any user holding Bitcoin can trade it for Ether.
    • A maker can create a quote and send details of their atomic swap to anyone on the network, e.g., via Telegram.
    • Maker and taker and their respective Approvers have complete visibility of the trade before committing.
    • No mining or gas fees needed.
    • Maker and taker are each charged 1 BPS.
  • Navigation menu updates.
  • Visual design refinements.
  • Bug fixes.

Qredo Signing App

  • Atomic swap push notifications for maker and taker Approver approvals.
  • All signing functionality including approvals and onboarding are now supported in the new Android app.
  • Master seed recovery.
  • Visual design refinements.

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