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Features added May 2021

New Dedicated and Multi-Counterparty Wallets

  • Dedicated Wallets

This Wallet type is solely for access by a single 3rd party such as an Exchange. The wallet must be created as a Dedicated Wallet selecting the 3rd party at the time of creation from a list. The 3rd party is an Approver for the wallet and must approve assets moving out of it. Additional Approvers can be added to the Wallet during creation. The 3rd Party has 'Sweep Transaction' power to initiate one way transfers or atomic swaps bypassing other Approvers.

  • Multi-Counterparty Wallets

This Wallet is accessible by multiple 3rd Parties. The purpose of this Wallet is to enable a trader to have multiple exchanges connected to the same Wallet to allow market orders to be placed on multiple exchanges - this is a non-leveraged wallet.

Improved Notifications & Information

  • 3rd Party Approval Status

When connection to an Exchange is requested from a Dedicated or Multi-Counterparty Wallet, the status of this request is visible in the Web App as pending, approved or rejected.

  • Deposit Notification Email

When a deposit is made to a Qredo Wallet, an email confirmation is sent.

  • Total Balance and Available Balance (pending transactions in progress) now viewable.

  • Total Balance and Available Balance now viewable as Fiat Equivalents throughout Qredo Apps.

  • Real-time exchange rates now viewable in-app.

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