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      1. Sign in to your Qredo Personal or Organization Account.
      2. From the left-hand menu, select the + (New TX) button.
      3. Select Transfer and click Continue.
      4. Click Select Wallet and choose the wallet you want to perform the transaction from. To change a wallet, to change the selected wallet and use a different one, click Change Wallet.
      5. Now, enter the amount of the selected wallet asset that you wish to transfer. The Qredo Fee and the Total Transfer Cost are calculated automatically.
      6. Enter the Wallet Code for the Qredo Counterparty (the Fund you’re sending your assets to).
      7. Complete 'For Benefit Of' and 'Account Number' fields if required.
      8. Enter the Transfer Reference and set the Expiry* time.
      9. Select Review Transfer. Review it properly. Once you’re done, click Initiate Transfer.
      10. If you’ve enabled the notifications in your mobile/tablet Qredo app, you should receive an approval notification. If not, go to Approvals and select Transactions.
      11. Now, confirm the transfer using your device’s biometrics and your Qredo Signing App profile PIN.

*Your set expiry time starts counting down once the transfer has been authorized through your mobile Signing App. Note that the transfer needs to meet the specific Fund's transaction policy before expiring. Otherwise, it will fail.

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