Create a Web3 API Wallet

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Important: This tutorial will help you create a Web3 API Connected Wallet type. To learn how to work with APIs to submit transactions, visit Qredo developer docs.

Qredo’s Web3 API Wallet is a Connected Wallet type that enables building DeFi actions programmatically, then signing transactions with Qredo dMPC, and then returns the signed transaction to the user for broadcasting — without compromising the security of your governance policies.

Create a Web3 API Connected Wallet

The Web3 API Wallet connection with Qredo is established via our Connected Wallet feature. Start by following this guide, creating a Connected Wallet, and choosing Web3 API Wallet as the Connection.

  1. Contact to enable Connected Wallet functionality for your Organization.

  2. Sign into your Organization.

  3. Select the desired Fund you wish to add a Wallet to, or create a Fund.

  4. Select Add Wallet.


  5. Select Connected and click Continue.


  6. Enter the Name of the Wallet, select Web3 API under Connection, and choose your preferred Approval Policy.


  7. Click Add Wallet.

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