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What transactions are considered billable?

  • External withdrawals
    • Transfers to any address that’s not a part of the Qredo ecosystem are subject to fees.
  • Smart contract calls
    • Deploying assets from a Qredo Wallet into a dApp is subject to fees.
    • Transfers made within the Qredo ecosystem are not considered billable events.


Is transferring assets from L1 to L2 billable (bridging)?

Smart contract interactions and bridge transfers are billable. However, transferring assets from a Connected Wallet on Qredo to another Wallet on Qredo is not billable.


Are fees calculated at the Wallet or Organization level?

Fees are calculated based on the previous 30 days’ trading volume of an entire Organization.


Can all my fees be paid from one fee wallet?

Yes. Each account has its own Qredo Station containing a fee wallet for each of the 3 assets you can pay Qredo fees in - QRDO (15% discount), USDT, and USDC. The Wallet currently used to pay all the incurred fees is marked with the green “Active” symbol. You can change the active fee wallet at any point in time.


Can separate fee wallets pay fees for separate trading wallets?

Not at this stage. All fees involved with an account are deducted from the fee wallet currently marked as “active.” You can only pay fees in QRDO (15% discount), USDT, or USDC at a particular point in time.


Can I cap my fees?

Not at this stage. If you have specific concerns over the adequacy our fee structure, please make sure to contact our Customer Support.


Can I cap my fee percentage?

Individual fee caps aren’t available at this stage. Past certain monthly trading volumes, fees are capped at 0.5 bps (basis points).


What If I am inactive and then have a large trade?

The next trade will be included in the previous 30-day volume used to calculate the fee.


What if I send something you don’t have the value of?

Qredo will apply the minimum fee of $1.


Why are fees “swept” every 10 minutes?

Every 10 minutes, Qredo will perform an automatic “sweep” and collect the pending fees. This is done so that Qredo can batch multiple billable events into a single fee transaction, thereby optimizing the usage of our blockchain. Note that this 10 minute window has no effect on billing calculations.


Can I set the Qredo Station so that it performs fee collections on a custom/daily/weekly/monthly basis instead of the 10-minute sweeps?

No. All Qredo transaction fees are swept automatically, on a 10-minute basis.


Where can I see the records of my fee payments?

Towards the bottom of the Qredo Station page, navigate to the “Transactions” tab.


Can I download reports of all my billable transactions?

The CSV export option is coming soon.


What if I want to contest a billable action?

If you think you were wrongfully billed, please contact our Customer Support.


Can I deposit and withdraw assets from external sources into the Qredo Station?

Yes. You can “top up” your account’s Qredo Station either by depositing from an external wallet or by performing a transfer from a Standard Qredo wallet (whether it’s your own wallet or one belonging to another Qredo user).

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