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Learn more about PowerSwaps here.

    1. Sign in to your Qredo Personal or Organization Account.
    2. From the left-hand menu, select the + (New TX) button.
    3. Select PowerSwap and click Continue.
    4. Under Sell, select the Source Wallet (the one you wish to send assets from), and under Buy, select the Destination Wallet (the one you wish to receive the swapped crypto assets).
    5. Under Sell, select the amount of the asset that you wish to sell. Please note the Buy amount is an indicative price, the exact price will be shown later. The Buy amount is going to be added automatically, according to rates from the dedicated market maker..
    6. Enter the PowerSwap Quote Reference and set the Expiry time.
    7. Select Review PowerSwap. Review it properly. Once you’re done, click Initiate PowerSwap.
    8. If you’ve enabled the notifications in your mobile/tablet Qredo app, you should receive an approval notification. If not, go to Approvals and select Transactions.
    9. Now, confirm the quote initiation using your device’s biometrics and your Qredo Signing App profile PIN.
    10. Select Continue PowerSwap and then select Get quote to see the quoted swap amount that you can get in exchange for the Sell asset amount you’ve entered in step 5. Any given quote will be available for 5 seconds; after this, you’ll have to select Get quote again to get a new one.
    11. Once you’ve made sure that you’re happy with a given quote, click Swap. The swap should settle almost instantaneously.

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