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Address whitelisting is a Connected Wallet feature that allows creating a list of addresses that are allowed to transact with all Connected Wallets within a particular Fund.

By default, the Whitelisted Addresses feature is disabled, meaning that Connected Wallets within the said Fund can transact with any address. After logging in to your Qredo account, the Administrators can enable this feature by going to:
Profile Icon -> Settings -> Preferences.


Once enabled, all transactions from Connected Wallets within your Organization will be rejected, until you add at least one whitelisted address. To do this, click Add Whitelisted Address, select the Fund to enable this feature in, provide a name for the address that you're adding, and paste the address in question (public key).


You can disable the whitelisting feature by going to: Profile Icon -> Settings -> Preferences. When disabled, no transactions will be blocked, regardless of the addresses you’ve added to the list.

Important: In the initial release, this feature doesn't apply to WalletConnect transactions.

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